09/06/2016 - News

Total Employees Volunteer for Peanut Butter Canning Project Benefiting the Houston Food Bank

Peanut Butter Volunteer 2016 Full

On Thursday August 25, 19 TOTAL employees volunteered to make peanut butter for distribution by the Houston Food Bank.  Peanut butter is a perfect pantry food – it’s nutritious, easy to store, and appeals to all ages, especially children and the elderly.

 “I enjoyed the chance to serve alongside my colleagues on the assembly line,” said Rich Bowman, who led Total’s effort this year. “We all appreciate Total’s support of community outreach.”

As peanuts came down through the large scale roaster, employees  measured the salt, oil, and sugar to be added to the ground nuts, loaded empty jars into the filling machine, put lids on the jars, sealed the lids, affixed labels on the jars and then placed the full jars into boxes and stack them on pallets.

“Under the watchful eye of plant supervision, we literally lent both hands to produce 4000 jars-- a full pallet of peanut butter about every 45 minutes.” Rich explained. “Participating in this project is a rewarding experience; it’s truly a tangible way to get involved in reducing chronic hunger in Houston.”

The peanut butter project is a collaborative effort between the Houston Food Bank, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and various corporate partners in the Houston area. The Food Bank pays for the peanuts, the Church provides the production facilities and supervision, plus the jars and lids.  Local companies provide the voluntary work force.

Volunteers from TOTAL have helped produce peanut butter on several occasions over the years.  In fact, a team from TOTAL roasted and processed more than five tons of peanuts to produce 6400 jars of peanut butter during their 4 hour shift in 2014.