02/27/2015 - News

Total TWICE Network Launches Gulf Coast Chapter

Total in the USA hosted a kick-off event in Houston this week to celebrate the launch of a Gulf Coast chapter of the TWICE (Total Women’s Initiative for Communication and Exchange) network. Local executive leadership was present to provide support for the Chapter and discuss the program elements for the year.

TWICE is a Total initiative managed at a global level by a gender-diverse steering committee at the company’s headquarters in Paris.  Local chapters have been created in Total affiliates around the globe, including chapters in Angola, China, Congo, Germany, Indonesia, Italy and the UAE, among others.  There are more than 3,000 members worldwide, and the network continues to grow.

TWICE is supported by Total’s senior management as a recognized resource and an integral part of Total’s diversity initiatives. Its goal is to develop women’s careers at every professional level by providing a practical tool that women can leverage to change attitudes about gender diversity.

The network aims to support women’s career development and optimize their managerial and/or technical potential at Total. To this end, TWICE endeavors to:

  • Encourage experience-sharing and boost self-confidence
  • Promote networking
  • Raise the profile of Total women
  • Develop mentoring on a voluntary basis
  • Enhance awareness and provide training on the impact and influence women can offer to the workplace

Women’s networks have emerged in many large companies and organizations to enable women to discuss ways of improving gender diversity.

More than 120 women attended Thursday’s kick-off meeting.