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08/08/2016 News

Total Supports Texan-French Alliance for the Arts' "From a Space to a Place"

The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts* is thrilled to announce the unveiling of an inspiring urban installation designed and implemented by the students of its most recent “From a Space to a Place” program, in partnership with YES Prep Northside and the M.D. Anderson Family YMCA. The students were active participants in the 4-week creative “From a Space to a Place” journey from June 6th-28th, 2016. After exploring and identifying the needs of their community, brainstorming positive solutions, and developing project management skills to fulfill their vision, the students have successfully transformed an empty space into a vibrant place with the creation of a colorful mural featuring words of encouragement and positive messages.

“From a Space to a Place” is a collaborative mentoring platform for youth, where the youth lead the effort to reinvent public and community spaces in order to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood/community.  The students work collaboratively with mentors and experts to create an inspiring place that leaves a sustainable impact on their community.  The end product reflects the voice of the neighborhood, specific to its history and culture, while the process builds strong human and social connections that will last well beyond the creative journey.

The multi-disciplinary methodology taps into the students’ intrinsic beliefs, values and identity, while mentors honor the youths’ ideas about positive change and encourage these ideas to evolve. This approach establishes a level of autonomy, so that the students take ownership in their work. The youth develop many skills, including critical thinking, interview techniques and note-taking tips, project management tools and mind-mapping, as well as creative writing, photography, media and visual literacy, and responsible citizenship. Finally, the youth learn to work effectively as a team and are inspired to interact with different cultures and generations.

For this installment of the program, the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts is proud to partner with organizations such as YES Prep Northside, the M.D. Anderson Family YMCA, Go Neighborhoods, Greater Northside Management District, Shelby/Estus Realty Group, Inc., Jefferson Dental Clinic, Eyeful Art, Houston Community College, Little Wonders, Engie, Total, Axens and Schlumberger.

For more information, please visit and contact the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, at 832-205-5531

*The Texan French Alliance for the Arts is a non-profit organization devoted to bridging cultures, communities and Art. Its creative programs aim at improving the quality of life in our cities and local communities. It is supported by the Consulate of France and by French and American corporations.